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Welcome to the home of THE SEBOS

Here you will meet a woman whom God has touched and inspired with many songs of praise and honor to her wonderful Lord. Through many of life's difficulties, some of which only heaven will reveal, there have been seasons of refreshment, encouragement and rejoicing because of the marvelous grace of God revealed in her life. The time has come to share these messages with the world.

As a survivor of abuse, cancer and chemotherapy, a near-fatal van wreck, numerous surgeries and hospitalizations, Luella Sebo can truly say that Jesus never fails! As she states in her own words:

"I could write a book about all that God has brought me through. He is my Savior, my Sanctifier, my Healer, my Counselor, my Comforter, and the King of my heart ... the very sustenance of my life. I will praise Him as long as He lendeth me breath.

After I had been told that chemotherapy would be a way of life for me, there is no other explanation for my healing, as often when I return for checkups, my oncologist at the cancer center points his finger heavenward and declares: "IT IS GOD".

As I reflect upon the voice that I heard as I lingered between life and death after my van wreck, the words: "Go back, your work’s not done” echo in my heart as I realize that God has spared me for this very moment, and hopefully for more projects to come, since the songs here are just several of many I would like to share with you.

As you become acquainted with my family and friends, may you feel the presence of God among us. Although we may never meet here on the face of this earth, may the messages that the Lord has given to me in verse and song be just "A Glimpse Of His Grace" to your soul.

God bless you with His divine mercy, grace and that peace that passeth all understanding.