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Simple Gifts



As I travel everywhere
I hear some folks complain
No talents have I that I can share
No others can I gain.


God grants to each as He sees fit
In volume or in measure
Some yield increase like stocks that split
For some, just buried treasure.

For fear of losing what they have
They lay away in store
While others display a wealth of gifts
Their talents are galore.


God furnishes, real gifts He gives
For a lifetime, just on loan
And every day that mankind lives
His talent's not his own.

Give of your best, don't rest, invest
For God will multiply
If only with ONE talent you've been blessed
Our God to glorify.


Reach for the goal, strive for the prize
The essence of truth is this
Whatever you DON'T utilize
You AND the world will miss.

So share the gifts endowed to you
I urge you thus to use them
According to God's word, it's true
If you don't use, you'll LOSE them!

copyright 2000