I am so glad that God accepted us into His family with our brokenness and ugliness,

scarred by the sin and shame in our lives... but


He transformed our lives into something beautiful and useful!




He gave me beauty for ashes

When I gave Him my life

He rescued my soul from hatred and strife

He took all the stains and the guilt of my sin

Washed them away, gave me His peace within.  


I thank Him, I'm grateful that He took my place

On Calvary's mountain, he suffered disgrace

Bore all of my sins and shame with Him there

The burdens so heavy that I couldn't bear.


I cannot restore the debt that He paid

As all my iniquities on Him were laid

I love Him, adore Him, My heart's filled with praise

I'll serve Him most gladly all of my days.


Beauty for ashes, what a glorious change

When God takes a life, starts to rearrange

All the desires, a love to fulfill

His purpose, His plan and His PERFECT will.



copyright 2004

Luella Sebo


Isaiah 61:3 ...to give unto them beauty for ashes...