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From A Distance




Courage in the heat of the conflict
Grace during each heavy trial
Patience when faced with a problem
Strength for the rough rugged mile.

Paths of joy all aglow with God's sunshine
 Safe shelter mid the wild raging storm
Bright hope that shines in the darkness
A brave stalwart heart soft and warm.

A strong unseen hand that will guide you
O'er paths that are rocky and steep
Friends that will walk close beside you
Angels to guard while you sleep.

A shepherd to comfort and lead you
Through darkness of night and bright day
In evergreen pastures to feed you
Sustain, safely keep you alway.

Forever may God richly bless you
With grace, boundless mercy and love
And lead you home safely to heaven
To live with Him there up above.

What more could you want that is better
Than Jesus the friend, tried and true
He meets every need to the letter
GOD'S BEST ...  that is my wish for you !