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The Old Rugged Cross



It was just an old tree
All withered and dry
Not fit for construction
Just laid aside--WHY?

A small band of soldiers
Hurriedly try
To find ere the dawn
Rises in the east sky.

A trunk that was ready, not much planning or care
No time to purchase, no time to buy
Hasten to summons someone to bear
The cross to the spot where Jesus would die.

The nails were then hammered
No painful outcry
The blood now was flowing
The cross raised up high.

That which was lifeless
That which was dry
Now soaked with the blood
Of redemption drawn nigh
As John and the mother of  Jesus stood by.

Stained with blood so divine
The old cross now would be
A place where all sinners
The Savior could see.

A thief' pleads for mercy
As he hangs there nearby

From the lips of the Savior
Comes a tender reply

"Today thou shalt be ... in paradise"
As the day turns to darkness
"It is finshed" He cries
Gives up the ghost, bows his head and then dies.

By faith I too travel
To that scene on the hill
Where sins are forgiven
The blood's flowing still.

I rise from the spot
Where I kneel and I spy
Another old cross
That I'll bear till I die.

But when I cross over
To the sweet bye and bye
I'll exchange that old cross
For a crown in the sky.

copyright 2000...revised 2001
Luella Sebo

"But God forbid that I should glory,
save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ 

by whom the world is crucified unto me,
and I unto the world."   

Galatians 6:14