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Precious Lord, Take My Hand



 Did you speak to God at daybreak
First thing when you arose
Or hasten and no moment take
Thinking .."Oh, later...I suppose"...?

Did you breathe His holy name in prayer
Or ask Him for His grace
That he might guide you with His care
In each and every place...?

Did you even take the time to read
One verse of love to you
Or did you not His prompting heed
As you read the paper through...?

Did YOU reach out to some poor soul
Who was looking for a friend
Someone in grief did you console
Or had you no time to spend...?

Did you thank God for food you ate
Or gulp your portion down
Look at your watch,...think "I'm so late"
As you rushed around the town...?

Did you hug your precious family
As they met you at the door
Did you notice things that you should see
Or the toys upon the floor...?

Did you tuck the children in with prayers
Did you kneel beside the bed
Or yell as they climbed up the stairs
"Goodnight" and yawn instead...?

I hope your day was not like this
But if it was your lot
You have important business
You must handle on the spot...

Go quickly to the mercy seat
With earnest pleas and cries
End not this day in sad defeat
Ere you face the next sunrise.

Would you consider what you'll do
At the setting of LIFE'S sun
How well will the Lord know you
Will He say, "My child, well done..?

Would you then purpose in your heart
When you rise to meet the dawn
You'll meet Him at the very start...?
Trust Him to lean upon

Would you please ask Him to soften
And search your heart anew
And would you thank Him often
For ALL  He's done for you..?

If you seek His love and mercy
You will find His help and grace
Your heart and home will truly be
A happy, hallowed place.

copyright 2001

Song: "Precious Lord Take My Hand"