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How Can I Keep From Singing



God Hath Not Promised

God hath not promised a life without care
He never promised a smooth thoroughfare
He didn't say that you'd not be sad
But He promised to bring you through good times and bad  

Skies without sunshine, clouds filled with rain
Days filled with sorrow, midnights with pain
But He hath promised grace to go through
Help for the battle, promises true.  

Whenever you really are put to the test
Remember the Father always knows best
And the trials that just cannot be understood
Are meant for HIS glory and for your good.  

So when the mountain seems rugged and steep
You're weary and barely find rest or sweet sleep
And when you have for a pillow a stone
Take courage, He never will leave you alone.  

He'll guide you, He'll hold you as higher you climb
Just follow Him closely one step at a time
The trial of your faith, so we are told
In God's holy writ, is more precious than gold.  

copyright April 2000
Luella Sebo