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Battle Hymn of The Republic


I have heard it in the news, seen many signs, tee shirts and bumper stickers proclaiming
I hope that many are genuine prayers.
If not, consider this:


When we say God bless America
What does HE really see
A land filled with adultry
From sea to shining sea?

God bless America
Though we don't want you to rule
They even ban your holy word
It can't be read in school.

God bless America
May your blesssings rich abound
Though from millions of unborn babies
Innocent blood pollutes the ground.

God bless America
While we do just as we please
Christmas and Easter we "worship" you
Even get down on our knees.

God bless America
We love to sit and watch TV
As multitudes are plunging
Into a lost eternity.

God bless America
With health and prosperity
While millions will die starving
In lands beyond the sea.

God bless America
Boldly now we pray
Bless us with peace that will not cease
Please answer prayer today.

copyright 2001

Let's join in prayer that we will change our ways
and then truly God can bless America.