Background music
Beethoven's 5th Symphony




Know Miss Takes! Know Weigh!

Eye checked awl words fore spell lingo

Its plane four ewe too sea

That every won is perfect

Spelled write two the tea!

Yule knot fined en knee air err maid

Oar allot of scents, my deer

Butt watt wood bee the knead too

Wen my grate spell checkers hear?

It Czechs each frays and let's mien oh

(Pleas don't chute me hear on cite)

My words sow scene, hour hole check was dun

And tolled me watts bin red is write.

Sew wen buy chants yew reed my vein rime

Of coarse, it's bin checked threw and threw

Bee fare, aye all ready boar the thyme

Theirs know ruff draught, nun ell stew dew.

Gnu tech knowledge ease Cannes knot bee beet!

Missed err gaits deserves aye suite read rows

Two chews this mowed is a reel feet

Wood eye lye? Hay, my come pewter nose!

Copyright 2/25/2000