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The Way We Were



How bitter sweet  to experience a visit  
to the home of my childhood
and find that the scenes I have imbedded in my mind  
cannot and never will be the same.  

This is the true account of what happened when  


I went back to the rural roots I kiss
Where I grew as a simple child
To visit awhile and reminisce
Over memories I'd long since filed.  

I went back where the one-room school still stood
It's true; it was no mirage
No flag, no stoop, no firewood
It's now a cute two-car garage.  

I went back to the meadows soft and green
Once graced by the oak trees tall
Planted there now a restaurant, a busy scene
A mini-mart, a shopping mall.


I went back to the fragrant orchard row
Where some private time was spent
Around the bend I did not know
Was a new development.  

I went back to the home that was our own
Where I learned at my mother's knee
'Twas all abandoned, grass o'ergrown  
Was not what it used to be.  

I went back where the quaint small church had been
And there before my eyes
The little church I'd worshipped in
Had grown to twice its size.  

I went back to a quiet, grassy ground
Where my father and brother lie
And as I left, I turned around
I couldn't help but cry.  

Mid tears I went back to the rugged tree
Where God my life rearranged
Near to the cross may I ever be
I'm so glad that He's never changed!  

copyright 2/16/2001
Luella Sebo

Someday our children
may take a sentimental journey  
back to scenes of childhood
and remember

Though our lives are ever changing
Yesterday, today and forever!