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Dust On The Bible




A precious dear father had a son on the roam
The man knew he was dying, sought to bring the boy home
Although pleas were sent, dad's love the son spurned
There were many years spent before he returned.

The son didn't come back before his dad's death
The father left him a message e'er he took his last breath
"Tell my son that I love him, true treasure he'll find
If he reads this dear book, this dear Bible of mine."

"Is that ALL he left me?" the boy asked with scorn
"Only a Bible, all tattered and torn?"
Although disappointed, in spite of himself,
He placed the old Bible up on the shelf.


Through many a heartache, many a tear
The book lay untouched, except when dusting came near
Month after month,  year after year
The son lived in poverty, anger and fear.

Finally, one day, tired of trouble and strife
The old way of living; he sought a new life
He called upon God as he dropped to his knees
Seeking the Savior with groanings and pleas.

Realizing the depths of God's mercy and grace
He reached toward the shelf, took the book from its place
Seeking a passage he had heard years before
Not aware of the treasure that he'd find in store.


As he leafed through the pages of the book there he spied
An aged sealed envelope...What was inside?
His name was upon it "I know you've been bad,
But son,  I forgive you." Signed..."With love, from your dad."

Bank notes, certificates, bonds and what's more
What was THAT paper that fell to the floor?
A deed to a mansion, whose tax had been paid
From an irrevocable trust that the father had made!

Although he had wandered, the son now was rich, not a lack
But  years that were squandered he could NEVER get back
And so is the story of some who have tasted
The Father's forgiveness...ALAS! ...the years that were wasted!


"Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth
while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh"
Ecclesiastes 12:1