Quietly they sit alone

Together on the bed

If they could speak much would be known

How much could but be said.

They used to climb the stairs, they hopped

With joy and playful glee

But now those childhood games have stopped

How can this really be?

Rides in the car, walks up the street

In carriages and strollers

Hugs and tears and childish fears

Scraped knees and brand new molars.

How soon these dolls were laid aside

To gather up the dust

I brought them from the attic

I really felt I must.

Such memories they hold for me

Because I still can see

Other little dolls who brought

These very dolls to me.

What I would give if I could see

Them run and jump again

But I'll just sit here quietly

And think and dream of when...

Our dolls all played together

Before they moved away

Perhaps they'll come to visit

These dolls and us someday.