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Let Us Break Bread Together





Prepare 1 clean empty vessel washed at the foot of the cross.

Pack with Bread of Life, already broken for you

Sprinkle with the oil of gladness.

Add:  1 heaping cupful of circumstances
Blend with:  1 heartful of love  

Carefully combine:  particles of patience
  1 cupful of joy, running over
 1 small seed of faith

Add:   lots of sweetness to taste       

Moisten with teardrops

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and stir vigorously.
Mold and shape according to God's will.    

Cover with prayer

Place in furnace of affliction.
Heat till perfection.  

During preparation, inhale the pleasant scent
which permeates the atmosphere, a wonderful aromatherapy.

Remove from furnace of affliction.
While piping hot, break in small portions immediately.

 Do NOT allow to cool.

Serve with sparkling, refreshing living water
and share generously with those around you.   

Note: You will be absolutely amazed
at the multitudes that can be fed from the results of this recipe.  

Luella Sebo