A personal message from LUELLA SEBO

I truly thank God for His mercy to my soul. Although I was raised around a church environment, it was not until after I was married and became a mother that God dealt very strongly with me about my responsibility as a parent before Him. I finally settled it to go through with God.

Wedding ... 1966

Baby dedication ... 1967

Family picnic ... 1974

There were many oppositions to my walk with the Lord. Some of those whom I loved the most fought me the hardest, but somehow God saw me through those very difficult days. I found Him to be my dearest friend and confidante. Time after time I was, and still am, amazed at the grace and faithfulness of God in my life.

Although I was a very weak Christian, God's perfect strength was there to sustain me through heartaches, test and trials, disappointments and failing health. From abuse, physical and emotional breakdowns, tragedies and traumas to the battle with cancer and chemotherapy, a very bad van wreck and unsuccessful hernia surgeries, Jesus has never failed me...not even once.


On Chemotherapy

March 2001

Getting Hair Back

May 2001

Van Wreck


Fall 2001

Hair Growing Back

December 2003


Sandra's college graduation

Although I still have physical limitations due to all the trauma throughout my life, God has turned my tragedies into triumphs and I give him all the glory. He most graciously has given me songs as He encourages me to keep trusting Him for my future.

In Romania Christmas 2003

Sally, Cindy, Sandra

Easter 2004

Adriana, Sherry


My desire is to be more like Jesus and to reach out and touch the world for Him wherever I go. He has been so good to me! I thank Him for saving and sanctifying me, for keeping my marriage together, for my precious family and friends and for His keeping power through the years. I am a MIRACLE of grace! Praise God!